Saturday, May 15, 2010

Foster Campbell says 50% chance he will run for Lt. Governor

Foster Campbell appeared on the Moon Griffon show and told him it's about a 50% chance that he will run for Lt. Governor (I'm taking that as a yes). Here's the video with the exchange.


  1. not for foster EVERMay 15, 2010 at 9:09 PM

    He may be 50% sure he'll run for lieutenant governor; I'm 100% sure I won't vote for him.

  2. "not for foster EVER" beat me to it!

    Nyuk! wv: stinkery

  3. I would like to become better informed by the 2 above posters...what are your reasons...i try to keep an open mind, and as far as I can see, Mr. Campbell has done an exemplary job at all he has it the D that follows his name...if that is the case, he is as conservative as most r's that i know....Good luck Mr. Campbell and for what I know of you today, you would have my support...thanks for a job well done!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Foster's posting anonymously. Again.

  5. Foster is not so bad, I think he has done good on the Public Service Comm.

  6. Anon at 11:50, I don't have much complaint about how Foster has done on the PSC.

    The problem is that the Lt. Gov. office in Louisiana is more of a PR office than anything else.

    I actually voted FOR Mitch Landrieu (D) in his re-election bid for the office because he has the personality, style, and quite frankly the "class" to represent Louisiana throughout the nation, and the world. As it is currently constructed, the Lt. Gov. office requires someone with very good people skills...trying to put a good face on the State to attract tourists, etc.

    Foster does have some valuable qualities. But, "personality" ain't one of them.

    Then you've got the ever possible "the Governor resigns, or is unable to serve" deal. Foster would become Governor. As disappointing as Goober Bobby has been in office, Foster would be a disaster.

    I'm not gonna argue with you that Foster's populist viewpoint has not been a good thing on the PSC. I'm just saying that his particular strengths are not well suited to either the Lt. Gov, or Goober office...especially in difficult economic times like these.

    Just my dos centavos...

  7. I think Foster is right about one thing, it might keep the governor at home for a change.

  8. Great, just what we need, Foster in another office. Just feeding his ego more..LOSER

  9. Actually not vote for Foster Ever is me, G.R.

    Andy, this time you beat me to it.

    As for Foster, I mean Anon 9:50, the reason I won't vote for Foster is he's too much of a populist politician.
    I concede that Foster has done a good job as a public service commissioner and has forced corporations to play straight with the public, and we need a man like him in an office of public service commissioner.
    I believe, like Andy, that if he were to become governor, with his populist beliefs, he would enhance the unfriendly atmosphere toward business that already exists in this state.
    And besides, the antics he pulled on the floor of the State Senate (like singing that speech years ago) did it for me. That little stunt didn't put Louisiana in a good light, in my opinion.
    That is why I could never vote for Foster for anything other than what he's doing right now.

  10. G.R., I truly wish that the worst thing Foster had done was "singing."

    Don't get me wrong...I do not truly despise Foster. But, I just do not believe that he has the right temperament for the job...if he even runs for it. (As a side note, he will lose if he does.)

    Some other anons have mentioned "ego." Well...I'll just leave it right there...

    G.R., I have been working like a rented mule outside all day, and was planning to come in and make the point that you did.

    If Foster MUST be in politics/elective office, etc. ...then the PSC is probably the best place for him.

    As it currently constructed, the office of Lt. Gov. requires a "likable" fellow. Heck, when it came time for Foster to assume the rotating "Chairmanship" of the PSC, they changed the rules! Not even anybody on the PSC wanted him to be in charge of things, so they changed the rules!!!

    Just sayin'...

    I think I will leave it at that.

  11. Andy,

    I don't know about Foster's personality, since I don't know him personally. I know he's a populist, and a populist isn't good for business and working people. They love social welfare programs, or in other words taxing the crap out of the working people to pay for programs to take care of the non working people in order to secure votes.

    In the current political climate, especially on the national level, (I'm not saying Bobby's doing a great job either) if a populist, not just Foster, got ahold of the governor's isn't what this state needs.

  12. G.R., maybe I took it a little too personal while imagining Foster as Goober. You are correct. His policies would surely be (shall we say) less than conducive to attracting employers, propping up our current businesses, and moving folks off the dole.

    Again, I'll say...if he runs, he will not win. It will be yet another tilt at windmills for Foster.

    And, I am willing to bet everything in Jim's wallet on it!

  13. If he decides to run he will have to come out on issues. That should tell a lot. I don't really know enough about him to say.

  14. This is why I visit sites. Now I know what a populist is. And I know where Campbell stands. Thanks GR and Andy. But I have still yet to figure out what this word is I am supposed to type in. nitigrap? Good one Jim.

  15. The good thing about Foster running is that he has a long record that shows he is a fisical conservative. He also helps the poor and wants to fund schools-that doesn't make you a populist, it makes you someone that understands the role of government. I know him personally and have carefully read his record on all issues. I also listen to Moon everyday, so for Moon to say that Foster is a fisical conservative is a great revelation on where the Republican Party is today in Louisiana.

    Villere is a joke and is running the party's finances so that he can win this spot. No one has said anything about this. How can the money decision maker for the party also run for office? How is this not a conflict. Our party deserves to loose every office is can so that we can get new and focused leadership. If a few conservative democrats win, then it really won't be that bad.

    Foster realizes that there are the over taxed (middle class and small business owners) and the undertaxed (oil and gas) in Louisiana. None of the Haynesville Well gas producers are paying severance taxes for TWO YEARS. We are not getting any royalties for contenintal shelf drilling. The oil lobby gets everything they want in Louisiana--we need someone who will bow up to them. Most of our local politicians have sold their soul to the oil and gas operators and have sold out the land owners. Luckily, we landowners have a good memory and carry the pursestrings for most elections.

    How this happened, no one knows. WOuldn't it be nice if we were getting severance taxes now?

    He will be a great Lt. Gov. I will vote for him because we need a Lt. Gov and a Gov. from Northwest Louisiana. He is our best hope and should be considered after a very careful reading of his record.

    Moon's words mean a lot to me-- Foster will be the best choice and will easily carry Northwest Louisiana.

  16. Anon 10:45,

    You stated that Foster isn't a populist. I will use your own words to refute that. You wrote, "Foster realizes that there are the over taxed (middle class and small business owners) and the undertaxed (oil and gas) in Louisiana."

    What you wrote describes a populist. A populist is a person with a political belief that pits the "common" people against the "elites"

    Huey Long was populist and promised a "chicken in every pot and car in every garage, but never explained how to pay for it.

    Like most populists they will promise things and says that they will tax big business to pay for the pork projects, but I have yet to see any business willingly absorb the cost of higher taxes an never pass it on to the consumer.

  17. Arkansas taxes water. Florida taxes tourism (Disney tickets). States have an obligation to tax everyone, including companies equally.

    Giving gas companies a two year moratorium on severance taxes is not good government. They were going to drill anyway.

    GR don't you see a problem with allowing an industry to get everything it wants. Louisiana is known world wide for prostituting its resources and people for big business. No one else wanted gaming and we asked for it. No one wanted pipelines running all through their land and we welcomed it--even wrote laws to help it happen. No one wanted to be the nuclear dumping ground, but our leaders gave it a fancy name and not we house all the old nukes. List goes on and on.

    Not pitting two against each other. Just revealing the truth about what is fair. I wish we could get a moratorium on personal taxes on royalties and bonus payments, but that would be a decision that helps the land owner. No one has proposed any legislation this session that would help the landowners--- how can this be?
    The middle class is the energy in any states economy, not the big businesses. Everyone that works for a big business is a member of the middle cladd. Other states look at laws from the perspective of how can we get people to stay here and move here. We are the only state that does not do that.

  18. Anonymous, Once again I will use your own words to refute what you say. You said, "Other states look at laws from the perspective of how can we get people to stay here and move here. We are the only state that does not do that."
    Why do you think young people are leaving Louisiana at the rate they are doing? Why do the young people of this area (Shreveport and Bossier City) pack off to places like Dallas to get jobs?
    I answer that, because the the good paying jobs are in places like Dallas. Dallas is in Texas, a state that is business friendly, and doesn't force outrageous taxes on corporations, so that businesses will either come to Texas or stays in Texas, because they can make a profit.
    Where are all the businesses that are coming to Louisiana? How many young people from other states are flocking to Louisiana?
    Louisiana does tax businesses a lot more than other states.
    As a matter of fact we couldn't even a fly by night start up car company to come to Monroe.
    Then there was the German steel company that was stringing Louisiana along to for tax credits to build in the state, but decided to go else where, because even with the tax credits Louisiana was going to give them, the taxes would have been still too high.
    Giving tax breaks to businesses to come to an area has been done for years. Usually the tax credits are up to twenty years, and if the tax credit isn't renewed the company will usually pull up stakes and go else where. Thus taking jobs along with them.
    No business, no jobs. No jobs, no money to spend in the local economy, and local tax bases falter.
    Once again, look to Texas, a business friendly state and you will see a economy that is thriving a lot better than Louisiana who does levy high taxes against businesses.


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