Monday, May 31, 2010

For He's gone to Fiddler's Green

When the song ended, the room was called to attention. The first sergeant on stage called for roll call for Headquarters and Headquarters Troop.
He yelled, "Captain Lloyd!"
A booming voice yelled back, "Here, first sergeant!"
"Major Robinson!"
"Here, first sergeant."
"Major Culver!"
There was silence.
He yelled, "Maj. Ronald Culver!"
He yelled again, "Maj. Ronald W. Culver Jr.!"
And a voice said, "He’s not here first sergeant - for he’s gone to Fiddler’s Green."
Profound silence.
"Sergeant Major, strike Major Culver’s name from the roll."
After a few moments the soldiers walked off the stage and taps was played.
Soldiers stood and waited their turn to approach the memorial table, touch the dog tags, leave an item or say a prayer. Each performed a slow salute, turned and marched to a line of waiting comrades to express their condolences and share their grief.
Maj. Ronald “Wayne” Culver was a member of the Louisiana Army National Guard Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 2nd Squadron, 108th Cavalry Regiment of Shreveport, La. The 44 year-old officer left behind a wife and two teenage children.
From U. S. Defense Department


  1. That gives you chillbumps.

  2. Thank you Jim for being in the percentage who DO remember, honor and show appreciation for those who gave all...

  3. Thank you to those and their families who give all


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