Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Memorial Day isn't about

This is what Memorial Day is not about.
It's not about Albertson's Memorial Day COOKOUT CELEBRATION!
Is there anything wrong about having a family cookout during the weekend or on Memorial Day? Of course not.
Is there anything wrong with Albertson's and other supermarkets using this day of remembrance to have a COOKOUT CELEBRATION!?
You betcha there is.
Over at CVS Pharmacy they have Memorial Day DEALS!
For pete's sake, there is even a website.
And more, and more and more.
Memorial Day isn't even about remembering and honoring everyone you knew who has passed on.
Tomorrow we'll tell you what it's really about.


  1. I see you can buy Sesame Street stuff at the MemorialDaySales website.

    I'm kinda' in the mood for some Oscar The Grouch junk myself...looking forward to tomorrow's post, Jim.

    Nyuk! Word verification: dumbo (Don't worry, I ain't taking it personal)

  2. Bahahaha, you have to be joking! My commenters call you bonehead and my word verification is dumbo. Welcome to My Bossier!

  3. Not joking! And, if "bonehead" is as bad as it gets, I'll be pleased.


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