Thursday, May 20, 2010

More on Joshua Tomlinson

More on Spc. Joshua Tomlinson from KTBS, entire story here.
The family of a Webster Parish soldier who was killed by a suicide bomb in Afghanistan headed to an Air Force base in Delaware on Thursday to accompany his body home for burial.
Army Spc. Joshua Tomlinson, 24, of Dubberly, was among five U.S. soldiers killed on Tuesday in Kabul. The Army said a bomber detonated a vehicle near a U.S. convoy.
Three of those who were killed were officers. Tomlinson was part of a security detail for high-ranking officers, a family member said. He had been in Afghanistan for eight months and his tour of duty was scheduled to end in July.
Tomlinson's father and his widow were headed to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where the fallen soldiers are being returned. They will accompany his remains to Webster Parish, where services are pending. They are expected to return on Friday.
Tomlinson was assigned to a Special Troops Battalion in Germany. Family members said he and his wife had no children; their baby died about a year ago at the age of three days.
The bombing, which was part of the Taliban insurgence, killed the five U.S. soldiers, a Canadian military officer and at least 12 civilians. Another four dozen people were wounded.


  1. Thanks for the update, Jim.

    Fine young man! I pray that his loved ones grieve, find peace eventually, and know that their beloved one is also loved now by many that never knew him.

    I would go on with a comment, but I'm sobbing.

  2. Andy, it is so sad. You are absolutely right, the young man and his family have love from everyone in the entire area. I hope they can find some small amount of comfort in knowing that.

  3. I am sorry to hear this. It is such a hard thing to go through. Thanks to Joshua for his service and may God bless his family and comfort them.

  4. As I type I'm feeling very Hollow.

    Tonight a family member of mine will be returning from Iraq and we are thankful for his safe return.

    Words can't describe the appreciation and feelings for Joshua and his family. I pray that God gives them all peace!

    Jim keep us informed on this please.

    Duke Lowrie

  5. It's not the reason why, it's just to do and die.

    Godspeed young troop. There is no more of an honorable way to die than to die for the freedom of your own country.

  6. came across your site when i googled my husbands name. and i would just like to point out that our son was still born. on another note, thank you for the kind words. it is very much appreciated.

    rowena tomlinson


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