Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Henry, I'm glad YOU'RE my representative!

Just a couple of observations.
1. If a church wants armed security, and the congregation agrees and is notified of it, I don't understand what the problem is.
2. Barbara Norton represents Cedar Grove - if she wants to worry about guns, rather than troubling herself over some churches in the state having armed security, she should turn her attention to her own neighborhood. And I'm not talking about churches.
3. Thank God Henry Burns is my representative and not Barbara Norton.
4. Thanks to Pat at And So it Goes in Shreveport for bringing this video to my attention.
5. The people at MSNBC are raving idiots.


  1. Jim, I left this comment over at "So It Goes..." It's easier to copy and paste than write it all out again.

    Pat, as we all know, Barbara Norton is a buffoon! She is a caricature of a real human being that is all too common. I mean, she's like the mascot for Idiot U!

    Babs says, "The church is a place of peace. I don't think God said it was OK to carry a gun in the house of the Lord.

    "Nowhere does it say (in Scripture) the Lord said you have to have a gun in church. If you need to have a gun in church, you need to go to another church."

    Well...The Lord didn't say you needed to sing three hymns, make announcements, have a choir special, take up a collection, or give an "invitational" either.

    And, He didn't say that your gifts ought to be tax deductible either!

    Oh crud...I'm rambling now...time to wrap this up. I'm not against any of that. But, if I attended a church in Cedar Grove, or Queensborough, or Daingerfield, TX (let's don't forget the Daingerfield murders several years back), or ANYWHERE that nut jobs can walk in with guns a'blazin', (which is EVERYWHERE) I'd like to know that there was a sign out front of the church house that said, "MEMBERS BE PACKIN'!"

  2. Ahhhhhh - put that woman out of our misery! How can anyone elect her? She's the one that is responsible for the ridiculous Hurricane Chris episode.

    Of course, it's no secret that I'm very much into self-responsibility including self defense - and open carry for that matter since Louisiana is an open carry state.

    The funny thing is that in my business as an IT Consultant, I service about 6 churches, including some in predominantly minority neighborhoods. You know what - every one of them has locks and many have security systems. Why is that Barbara?

    No everyone that uh..uh..applies for a permit does not have to have training.

    She is an idiot who shouldn't even be allowed to open her mouth to change feet.

    Maybe she should try something like the facts about the concealed carry process.

    What is it with liberals and NOT READING things?

    Original/First-Time Applicants:
    In addition to meeting the qualifications in R.S. 40:1379.3(C), an applicant must demonstrate competence with a handgun by completion of an approved firearms safety or training course taught by an NRA or P.O.S.T. certified instructor that is registered with State Police, or completion of small arms training while serving in the military (as evidenced by a DD-214), [active service members, reservist and national guard members must include a clear photocopy of their military ID (front & back) with a copy of their last qualification record from their 201 file], or possession of a current valid license to carry a concealed weapon issued by a parish law enforcement officer.

    If we give everybody a gun and tell them to go and start doing protecting themselves and others then we're taking it out of the hands of the law."

    Maybe she should read up on a few of the Revised Statutes in Louisiana such as Use of Force or Justification or Limitation of Liability.

    We don't know who is it may be sitting right next to us and a gun may go off

    That's just stupid. Let's repeat: Guns don't just go off. Someone has to make them go off.

  3. You mean I wasted the time going to conceal and carry class, when I could have just waltzed into the courthouse like every other bubba to get my permit?

    And the person who asked me for proof of training was just joshing me, right?

    I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

    Damn Barbara, why didn't you tell me sooner!

  4. I just love the way MSNBC tries to spin this story off. The first start off making it sounds like anyone can carry a gun in the church. Then they finally get around to what the bill does and that is to allow churches to have a security force with “permits” to be hired by the church. This means that if the church does not want guns in the church, they just don’t authorize it. They make it sound as though everyone is gonna be toting guns. And how about the question about there being no training required for the permit? Either MSNBC did not do their homework and know that there was a requirement, which is incompetence on their part or they knew it and didn't challenge her for some reason. But I lost respect for them many years ago as a news agency anyhow. And if the ministers who Norton was talking to don’t like it, they are in charge of whether you allow this in the church. I have not read the bill and all the information I have gotten is from this video clip. But I do think guns should be banned during our business meetings. Right Andy? LOL.

  5. Darrell, Nyuk! Yep, that seems to be when folks can get a might "testy."


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