Friday, May 14, 2010

Prosecution takes plea in Pilkinton case

Charles Pilkinton today withdrew his not guilty plea to second-degree murder and pled guilty to Negligent Homicide.
After explaining all of the rights and determining that the plea was voluntary, Judge Bolin accepted the plea and sentenced Pilkinton to 5 years at hard labor.
Pilkinton was released on the same bond, and is to report to Bossier Max on Monday.
The prosecution was represented by Clifford Strider, Assistant Attorney General.


  1. I though negligent homicide was when you didn't mean to kill someone, not when you shot them in the head.

  2. wrong title, an assistant attorney general tried the case, no the DA.
    The AG's office is the one who agreed to the plea.

  3. You're right, Strider did offer the plea, so I'll change the title for accuracy.

  4. The fact is both the District Attorney and A.G agreed on the plea bargin. Five years agreed on sentence, that means he will do 1 1/2 years or 2 at the max. Not a bad deal for killing someone.

  5. NOT a bad deal at all, and no it was the A. G. that offered. I think a manslaughter would have been the preferred plea, but only those that have all the case details can give a accurate opinion. I am sure that there are several factors that were not open to the public. The KTBS website quoted Marvin as not that happy with the decision.

    They would not make a plea unless the family of the victim agreed, which is what happened in this case.

    Hung jury last time, that's alot of tax dollars spent. Another hung jury would cost even more. The guy is guilty, period and he is now a convicted felon.

  6. From that Channel 3 report:

    The attorney general's office led the prosecution in the case and offered the plea deal.
    District Attorney Schuyler Marvin said he was not sure the prosecution could get a murder or manslaughter conviction, given the facts of the case. A previous murder trial ended with the jury deadlocked, 6-6, and unable to reach a compromise verdict.
    "I'm not completely comfortable with the end result, but he does go to jail," Marvin said.

  7. given that marvin sticks up for his own guys even with video evidence to the contrary (sentell case) I dont give him very much credibility. maybe marvin should return the campaign money pilkington gave him.

  8. How can you put two bullets in sombeboy's head and only serve 20 months?! This is sad...and very wrong!

  9. I understand his friend,Henry Brown,then Bossier City DA, ruled Pilkinton's previous wife's death a suicide when she was found with a bullet to HER head..and that was after she'd sworn out a restraining order against Pilkinton!

  10. That's true. Amy Tauzin Pilkinton, was "found" by Pilkinton, dead in tub, fully dressed with a bullet in her brain. Marvin should re-open that "suicide" and investigate it as possible homicide.

  11. Wolves run in packs. Henry Brown, Bill Gray, Reggie Jackson, Rod Pilkinton-they're all wolves who've preyed on innocent people 4 yrs. Just a bunch of Bossier redneck bullys!

  12. It's disgusting! Money and power, power and money-they watch each other's back-Brown, Pilkinton, Covington, Gray-they'll do whatever it takes to cover any crime for each other!!


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