Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tim Thompson fined in District Court

Tim Thompson, former principal at Stockwell Elementary, was fined in Bossier City District Court.
In a bizarre incident, Thompson rode by the house of Benton Police chief Charles Pilkinton and threw a beer bottle out of his vehicle, hitting Chief Pilkinton’s personal pickup truck in the process. Pilkinton followed him in the truck and called for help. A Benton Police unit and a Bossier Parish Deputy stopped Thompson.
In addition to the DWI charge, Thompson was charged with speeding, littering and with violating the open container law.
In a plea arranged by his attorney, Whit Graves, Thompson entered a guilty plea to reduced charges of careless operation and littering. He was fined $150.
(I love the next statement – this is why Whit makes the big bucks!)
Graves said "This ought to show you what kind of trouble a simple case of littering can get you in.”


  1. Not only is Whit Graves making the big bucks, he's on the cover of the latest SB Magazine as on of the top attorneys in Shreveport and Bossier City.

  2. Simple case of littering...

    Speeding, open container...

    Did the DWI charge just "go away?"

    $150 fine?

    I think this probably says more about the DA than it does Graves.

  3. I saw that, but had forgotten. I've slept since then.

  4. Andy, Thompson refused a breathalyzer when he was arrested, Whit was going to challenge the evidence in court, the DA cut the deal.
    I think the thing that bothered me the most about the whole thing was the arrogance this asshole displayed by throwing his 'empty' into someone's yard, police chief or no.

  5. whit is THE DWI attorney in this area. bizarre case for sure, someone like that will be in trouble again, hopefully he doesnt hurt anybody

  6. Problem is that the DA's office aint got a clue when it comes to trying a case.

  7. Andy, the la supreme court disagrees with you as reported in the inquisitor the bossier da just made it easier for law enforcement to convict drunk drivers- against no less an oponent than whit graves

  8. Anon at 11:19, I am always willing to be educated. I will confess that I commented in ignorance of all the details surrounding the case.

    I will look into it.

  9. Schuyler Marvin was elected District Attorney for Bossier and Webster Parishes on November 5, 2002 and assumed office on January 13, 2003.


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