Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Shreveport Mayor's race

The Shreveport mayor’s race is beginning to crank up, with both Republican Councilman Bryan Wooley and Democratic State Rep. Roy Burrell throwing their hats into the ring in an attempt to take down Cedric Glover.
Rumors have been flying that Chris Gorman is also interested, and he hasn’t ruled it out. At this point, and it’s early, I would predict a showdown between Wooley and Glover.
Wooley has hit the ground running and has a website up, as well as a YouTube channel. Glover and Burrell haven’t set up websites for the campaign yet. Wooley is also receiving a little 'blog love'.
Glover does have a presence on YouTube, having served as mayor for more than 3 years now, and the most watched videos are not positive. Glover caused a bit of a sensation last year when he said that people who are stopped by the police have their rights suspended. This was in reference to a stop of Robert Baillio, which received national attention.
Glover has a track record in the executive position. Wooley wants to help create jobs and wants the mayors office to be the ‘connector’ between the jobs and the people.
We don’t know yet what Rep. Burrell proposes.
The problem with the approach of both Glover and Wooley to seek government solutions when it comes to employment, etc., is that they both fail to recognize that government doesn’t create jobs, and very rarely does anything ‘pro-active’ that encourages job growth.
When it comes to spurring the economy and creating jobs, the best thing a ‘leader’ (read politician) can do is – nothing.
As in don’t spend other than for basic services, don’t tax other than for basic services, regulate as little as possible, sit down and shut up.
It will be an interesting race.
We will blog about the council races as they shape up.

Thanks to Adam Causey at The Times for calling the video to our attention.


  1. Ahh - Mayor Cedric "Your rights are suspended" Glover is up for re-election!

    Anyone is better than Glover. If I were a Shreveport resident, I'd vote for anyone else.

    Here's Bryan's correct website, although he doesn't have much information up there yet:

    Gorman entering the race could be interesting as well, but I want to see specifically what any of them will attempt to do - not just the talking points of "make the economy better".

    Rex Moncrief

  2. Thanks, Rex. I got the website corrected. You know I can't put four links in a blog post with any hope of getting them all right!

  3. please god, anybody is better than glover. anybody!!

    You Bossier boys think Lo Walker is bad, come to Shreveport.

    At least walker can pick a good police chief.

  4. If anyone believes that a white republican will be mayor of the city of shreveport - you are more confused than that poor gavi fellow running against fleming. The city of shreveport will have a black mayor for some time to come - brian is an excellent candidate - but he has been sucked into an a whipping - he would do better to follow thomas carmody or buddy shaw - as has been demonstrated all over the country - once you go black - you never (except half black mitch landrieu) go back - goofy burrell may force a run off - but in the end - bid ced will slam poor brian

  5. geez, why the hate for glover?

    i mean, i slammed him for those asinine comments, but what actions has he taken to make ya'll despise him so much?

  6. I am voting for Parker Ward!


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