Friday, May 14, 2010

What do you think of My Bossier?

Every blogger goes through periods of introspection, wondering if blogging is worth it. Of course, the readers and commenters make the blog, but the person doing the blogging has to choose which subjects to deal with and how to present them.
After all that introspection, and being the low key and humble person that I am, I have decided that this sums it up best.


  1. Jim,

    Since I don't have a blog but feel that I have some very important and worthwhile comments that need to be expressed, this blog gives me the place I need to put forth my great commentaries.

    All kidding aside, thanks for this forum to where ideas and comments can be shared.

  2. G.R, all joking aside, I really appreciate your input and that of all ther other commenters. I think we need a good forum where we can discuss, in a civil grownup manner, our opinions with each other. If the blog is successful at all, it's because you all chip in.

  3. Well Jim, since we're talkin' about Carly, why don't we let her answer!


    Seriously, I really appreciate the forum you've got here. Like G.R. said, there are a lot of folks that don't maintain a blog, but have a whole lot of personal knowledge/info about what is going on in the area/State, etc.

    I have learned a whole lot from the comments here...and from the posts, btw.

    I'll be honest and say that for several years, I didn't follow local news very closely...kinda lost interest. I've gained a renewed interest in it since I came across your place.

    So, that's what I think of it. And, as a final note, G.R. does put forth great commentaries.

    Just sayin'...

  4. Andy, I can't say I'm surprised that someone took the bait and used Carly against me, and I'm not really surprised that it is you!
    Seriously, we have some good comments, from G.R., Realist, notlowalker to some of our bloggers, you, Pat, James H. and Rex just to name a few. Even young Wheeler likes to jump in and keep us honest.
    The city hall and courthouse crowd come in too, and posting anonymously are able to say what they really think when in public they have to mute it a little. I've had more than 1 public official tell me "that comment about (insert whatever) - that was me!"
    And, to my credit, I have never done a Humpday Hottie edition. Yet. I have one waiting though . .

  5. You're right, Jim. I'm glad the City Hall & Courthouse crowd jump in...seriously, they know so WAY much more than us on the outside, and I appreciate the forum.

    I figgered you were waiting on "somebody" to throw Carly back at ya'. I waited as long as I could, but couldn't stand it any more.

    And, I'm REALLY looking forward to your first "Hupday Hottie" edition. Really. Really, I am...

  6. "young Wheeler"

    haha. you're going to the top of my daily reads list for that one.

  7. Wheeler, if Jim ever described me as "Young Andy," I'd actually genuflect!

  8. Andy, even though you are younger than me I would never give you the satisfaction.
    Wheeler, I'll be 63 next month so it's all relative.

  9. Jim, I do enjoy your blog when I get a chance to check it out. Since I am not from your area, i don't get into the shreveport/bossier stuff. You do a good job. Keep it up. I still haven't found these word verifications in my dictionary yet. colisbo?

  10. I'm not "local" either! At least hailing from the west side of Shreveport, I think that makes me a furriner.

    And frankly, I'm scared of Bossier. I get lost every time I try to go anywhere there other than Barksdale. If I strayed from my one known route, I'm pretty sure I'd get lost going to Barksdale too.

    But I love your blog!

  11. Donna, that's funny. I just left Opining Online and reading about your three year old and the baby. Hey, West Shreveport is close enough. I am planning to blog some on the Shreveport Mayor's race, you know a little slice of Shreveport is in Bossier Parish, so there's my foot in the door!


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